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Meryl Williams Clark

Meryl Williams FGIA

Meryl Williams Clark has been FGIA’s Communications Coordinator for seven years. She manages FGIA’s social media presence, including @FGIAonline and @fgia_online, among other marketing duties. She can be reached at

3 Tools to Leverage Your Instagram Business Account

Having a robust social media presence is key to furthering awareness of your brand, gaining customer leads and getting more clicks to your website. However, as social media platforms change, so do their features. Specific to Instagram Business accounts, here are some tools you already have…

Actions to Improve and Protect Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn, the online professional networking tool, was a topic of two workshops I gave at the American Architectural Manufacturers Association 2017 National Fall Conference. Even if you’re not currently job-hunting, you should care about the state of your current LinkedIn profile. It’s always good…