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May/June 2024

Q+A with Roto North America | Future-forward Hardware Solutions

How a holistic approach of integrating quality, technology, security and sustainability can help shape the evolving window and door hardware manufacturing industry.

Product | Solution by Joseph Machine

Joseph Machine’s new jWeld, jClean and jFlow product lines are designed to help North American manufacturers thrive. 

2024 Top Manufacturers

Companies take a holistic approach to their business as they invest in processes, people and products while keeping an eye on a market challenged by inflation and affordability concerns.

Speed Test

The new CleanCut™ Series includes includes 1700/1800 models (for cutting) and 1700-D/1800-D models (cutting and deletion) boasts enhanced speed, updated technical features, and increased throughput while maintaining the options manufacturers want when selecting a glass production system.

M&A: Bullish Outlook

Corporate and private equity buyers are expected to make bold moves in the 2024 market.

Employees vs. Independent Contractors

The Final Rule sets forth six clarifications for differentiating between employees and independent contractors.

Building a Top-Notch Maintenance Program

Solid preventative and proactive maintenance practices are an essential part of an optimized window and door manufacturing operation—how does your program stack up?

Vinyl’s Sustainability

The industry is amplifying vinyl’s sustainable attributes through LCAs, post-consumer recycling and more.

Living in Harmony

Exploring the pros, cons and technical challenges of bird-friendly glass in residences. Tools, questions and answers to help equip you and the homeowner.

Window and Door Companies Bring More Operations In-house

Takeaways from the 2024 Top Manufacturers Survey.

International Builders' Show Showcases Fenestration in New American Home

The New American Home, showcased yearly at the International Builders' Show, is designed to represent the cutting edge in residential building technologies. This year, contributions from fenestration companies again helped to contribute to the show home's aesthetic and thermal performance.

Fensterbau 2024 Highlights

Fensterbau Frontale returned in 2024, in its first full edition since the pandemic. The show's 644 exhibitors included North American fenestration companies that continue to look to the show for guidance on upcoming trends in automation, innovation and investment.