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Current Issue: January/February 2024

Product | Solution by Threekit

Threekit pairs a complex rules and logic engine with beautiful 3D and virtual photography that enables shoppers to see the custom product they want to buy and drive confidence in their purchases. 

The 2023 Window + Door Award Winners

This year’s winners present innovative and sustainable solutions for the industry .

2024 Industry Pulse | We Persevere

The past five years have been a wild ride. Extreme demand, both waxing and waning, rocked the industry. Despite a predicted economic recession, residential fenestration companies predict stable sales and plan to invest in their businesses.

A Recession is Coming. Top 5 Factors to Watch.

The overall U.S. economy will most likely enter recession in the coming months, with nonresidential construction beginning to feel the effects in late 2024, says Connor Lokar, senior forecaster, ITR Economics, who returned to the Glazing…

Most Innovative Window Component 2023

insulbar LI is a new thermal insulating bar technology that combines energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Most Innovative Entry Door 2023

The new Masonite Performance Door System was designed to meet homeowner needs for comfort and energy efficiency.

M&A Market Poised to Heat Up in 2024

Owners and investors wait for the “spark” that will reignite M&A activity.

Windows of Opportunity for 2024

From innovation and market demand to labor and materials, the new year looks promising for the fenestration market.

The Potential Impact of AI on Flat Glass, Window, and Door Fabricators

Artificial intelligence is on everyone's minds. How will it impact the flat glass industries? Here's a few ways it can improve and streamline your business.

Most Innovative Patio, Multi-slide or Multi-Panel Door 2023

The Palisades S100 delivers clean, unobstructed sight lines, reduced visible hardware and thermal and structural performance with 1-inch insulating glass.

The 2024 Forecast: Top Takeaways 

Highlights from the latest construction forecasts reflect a U.S. economy that is shadowed by inflation, higher interest rates, labor challenges and geopolitical risk.

Resources for Glass, Glazing and Fenestration Professionals

NGA offers Glass Technical Papers (GTPs) free for the industry on a wide range of topics pertaining to the residential glass, window and door industries.

Most Unique Innovation 2023

CliC Privacy Glass allows users to easily transition their glass from crystal clear transparency to privacy in seconds. 

State of the Market | Specialty Fenestration Products

The market will move cautiously in the year ahead, but a growing need for residential safety and security solutions will drive the specialty fenestration market.

Most Innovative Machine/Equipment 2023

SL4FF EVO is a 4-heads seamless welder for PVC that can obtain aesthetically perfect welded corners. 

California Residential Project Prioritizes Open Space

A contemporary craftsman project in Venice Beach, CA, creates an open, connected space using glass sliders on either end of the house, skylights and more.

Responding to Administrative Agency Subpoenas

Establishing a process enables a well-prepared response, the basis for an effective defense.

Children’s Book Focuses on the Quality of the Trades

“Grit Leads to Greatness” is a children’s book written by duo Jenny Kerr Schroen and Chris Eccleston of Delmarva Veteran Builders.

Most Innovative Window 2023

Envista is aiming to revolutionize the window industry with its pre-glazed, modular unit, allowing for the unparalleled replacement of multiple window units with just one system.

Investments Abound. Labor Rears its Ugly Head.

The past five years have been a wild ride. Extreme demand, both waxing and waning, rocked the industry. Supply chain complications strained companies as they raced to acquire enough materials in a timely manner, for which they often paid premium…

Most Innovative Door Component 2023

GlassCraft Door Company's Houdini Hardware Kit is a modern option for today’s traditional barn doors. Simply attach the kit to virtually any barn door and the rails and rollers will be concealed.

Most Innovative Manufacturing Process 2023

YKK AP produces its own vinyl resins for extrusion with an integrated production system with zero-waste, uses zero-emission initiatives, energy-efficient product transport and increased recycling rates, among many more manufacturing processes and…

Tenured Celebrations

The labor challenge likely will continue for years to come, but once we get people truly invested in this industry and what we do, they’re our greatest spokespeople. 

Best Dealer Support/Marketing Program 2023

PGTI University offers product training, installation and services training, and general industry training.

Is Technological Adoption at a Standstill in the Fenestration Industry?

Despite hesitations—over new technologies, over consumer demand for higher-performing products—window and door manufacturers can’t afford to simply rest on their laurels. While it may not always follow a straight line, progress never stops in the…

The Current State of Energy Star

The overall energy trend for the architectural glass industry is increased stringency moving toward net-zero.