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4 Tips For Staying Safe in Extreme Heat

With summer in full swing, extreme heat is sweeping across the nation. High temperatures can be harmful, and at times potentially lethal, for those who work in the field, like installers. There are ways that those who work outside can keep themselves safe during these warmer months.

By Rachel Vitello | May 24, 2023

Select the Right Spacer System for Your Business

Warm-edge spacers can be part of a system to achieve higher performance targets.

6 Coating Considerations for Coastal Communities

Select the right finish for aluminum windows and doors.

Trauma Response Training: Learning What You Hope You’ll Never Need

Keeping our team members safe on the job is our number one priority. This is why the FGIA Fenestration Safety Committee makes it a priority to host a safety speaker at each of our conferences. As staff liaison for this group for the past three years, I’ve learned more than I ever thought possible about proper glass handling, ratings for cut-resistant apparel, accident investigation protocol and more.

By Angela Dickson | April 26, 2023

Join the Conversation: Women in Fenestration

The National Glass Association and the National Fenestration Rating Council have combined efforts and formed the Women in Fenestration LinkedIn group to support women in the fenestration industry. This group provides a platform for women to connect and share resources.

Automation and software can reduce operating costs and shorten factory lead times

Automation can be used for a wide variety of industrial tasks, from taking orders to making the product itself. Automation runs on software; here is a primer of the benefits automation software offers to companies and their bottom line.

By Chris Kammer | April 10, 2023

Window Safety Awareness Prevents Tragedies

The first week of April is Window Safety Week. April marks the return of mild weather for many parts of North America, which encourages homeowners to open windows. But these open windows can also represent a danger, especially for small children. Proper education on potential dangers and the addition of WOCDs to windows can be crucial to preventing tragedy. 

By Janice Yglesias | April 03, 2023

Your Snapchat Crash Course

Snapchat states that its platform reaches 90% of the 13- to 24-year-old population and 75% of the 13- to 34-year-old population in 20-plus countries. The reach of this social media platform is astounding amongst the younger side of the generational span.

By Sara Barchak | March 28, 2023

The Best of Both Worlds

As consumer activity continues to rebound for homeowners, it's important to take stock of trends. Homeowners attraction to wood-like windows can be met a few different ways, including with composite windows.

How Federal Window Tax Credits Benefit the Industry

Energy-efficient tax credits make it appealing for homeowners to upgrade and replace their old, drafty windows. Through the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, federal tax credits provide savings for homeowners, home builders, and commercial building owners to offset the costs of improvements and upgrades to make a building energy efficient.