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Melanie Scherer

Melanie Sherer PR Gary Law

Melanie Scherer is an attorney with The Gary Law Group, a law firm based in Portland that focuses on legal issues facing manufacturers of windows and doors. Contact her at 503/620-6615 or

Consistency After Acquisition

Risk management, certification and service are among factors to consider to ensure consistency across businesses.

The Increased Risk of  Installed Sales

Recognize and prepare for the liability that can come with product sales and accompanying installation services.

Lawsuit Alternative: Seeking Arbitration

Although there is no way to avoid the risk of lawsuits in any business, there are proactive steps that can lessen the impact in the event of a legal claim. One such option is incorporating a well-drafted arbitration clause into agreements and product warranties.

The Battle of the Forms

The fine print on run-of-the-mill documents can cause a legal mess.

The New Direction: Environmental Product Declarations

A new Window Product Category Rule was recently created through the joint effort of the American Architectural Manufacturers Association, Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance, Glass Association of North America and Window and Door Manufacturers Association. This PCR is the guide for developing…