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AI Takes Center Stage at GPAD and BEC Conference

Miller speaks on AI at GPAD
Miller speaks on AI at GPAD

As AI becomes more mainstream for business use, companies are looking into how to most effectively use this technology to amplify their business practices. 

At Glass Processing Automation Days, hosted by the National Glass Association, which runs through March 6 in Nashville, Cyncly Vice President of Products Craig Morris and Business Development team member Dave Miller, discussed how AI will transform the glass and fenestration industries. 

AI for glass and fenestration

Miller discussed the three different types of learning for AI processes:

  1. Supervised learning
  2. Unsupervised learning
  3. Reinforcement learning

He says successful AI implementation will include data-informed development, ethical application and practical solutions. From a strategic standpoint, companies want to make sure they're always staying on top of recent technology infrastructure.

Morris jumped in to discuss real-life case studies of companies using AI. This included a paint supply company that wanted to better optimize production schedules to remove bottlenecks and increase asset utilization. The solution was AI reinforcement learning based on a digital twin of the factory; resulting in optimized schedule suggestions.

Couch talks about AI at BEC
Couch talks about AI at BEC

Another example was kitchen and bath design software that used AI. The benefits of this included precise and realistic design visualizations and reduced time to final design and ordering.

More ways to use AI

At BEC Conference, NGA's education and networking event for the glazing industry, founder of Build Women Stefanie Couch, emphasized how using AI can help take the more tedious daily tasks off your plate. She walked attendees through how to use ChatGPT to help create speeches, write emails, formulate social media posts and more during a live tutorial. She also discussed how to use AI for imagery by using software such as Midjourney Bot. 

Couch says businesses can also use AI to automate Google review responses, frequently asked questions and your business calendar. Recent data shows that consumers are much more likely to choose a business that responds to reviews, she says.