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Roto Showcases Products at Fensterbau

Roto's NX range on display at Fensterbau

At Fensterbau Frontale in March, Roto North America showcased a variety of its products and their capabilities at the company's "Roto City" booth. You can now view the virtual Roto City online. 

Roto door products

Roto presented various swing door solutions in different types of buildings in the Roto City at the Fensterbau Frontale trade show.

The new Solid B butt hinges are available for all frame materials and suitable for doors with panels overlapping the leaf as well as inset panels and can accommodate doors up to 352 pounds, depending on the model. 

Roto's door range on display at FensterbauWith the Roto Solid C concealed hinge, aluminum door manufacturers can produce swing doors with a sash weight of up to 308 pounds and an opening angle of up to 110 degrees. 

The Roto Safe product range is tailored to all frame materials and includes key- and lever-handle-operated solutions as well as mechanical-automatic locking systems and electromechanical door locks.

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NX product range

Roto NX helps ensure economical and flexible production of tilt and turn elements in all formats and forms for all building types. At Fensterbau Frontale, numerous exhibits in the Roto City showcased this. 

One of the main characteristics of the Roto NX product range is that many of the same parts are utilized in each model, reducing the number of components for storage and logistics. Many of the components added for increased security and comfort are only available from Roto.

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Sliding doors

Whether it’s a lift and slide, tilt and slide, fold and slide or parallel sliding system – Roto Window and Door Technology offers a range of products for all frame materials. Visitors at the Fensterbau Frontale trade show got the opportunity to see the sliding hardware in different types of buildings and applications in the Roto City.

The Roto Patio Inowa Parallel Sliding hardware utilizes active control of circumferential locking points, achieving a high level of sealing. The system reliably protects against external noise and extreme weather conditions. The hardware between the sash and frame is concealed when the sash is closed and the few components visible when the sash is open have a subtle design.

The Roto Patio Inowa | Max is suitable for all sliding elements with a sash height of up to 11 feet 9 inches or a sash width of up to 10 feet. A ball bearing and height adjustable roller unit with integrated brushes combined with a ball bearing comfort cam minimizes rolling friction when the sash moves. Inowa | Max supports sashes up to 882 pounds.

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