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Veka Forms New Digital Solutions Company

In a move to expand its product portfolio with digital, forward-thinking products, Veka formed stand-alone company Digital Product Solutions Corp.

DPS Corp. will work closely with Veka’s customer base to bring digital solutions to the window and door industry, with potential for entry into the outdoor living market space. This venture is part of a global initiative by the Veka Group to offer digital solutions to markets around the world.

Currently in beta testing, WIN, short for window intelligence, introduces near field communication to window and door products. This patent-pending system creates a digital double of the product through cloud computing and hand-held mobile devices. A web-based program called a web cockpit, interacts with the fabricator’s enterprise resource planning software to build a complete dossier of a window or door and tracks it throughout its lifecycle. The product information is then accessed through mobile applications: WIN Passport, designed for the homeowner/facility manager and WIN Passport Pro, designed for professionals, installers and contractors. Available for iOS and Android Systems, the applications offer options for testing data, service, reporting or warranty claims, and more.

Joe Peilert, president and CEO of Veka North America, says, “DPS benefits from the research and experiences of our German parent as well as UNIORG, an SAP consulting firm on site at our corporate headquarters in Fombell, Pennsylvania.”

A seamless integration with Veka customers' ERP is a critical success factor, say officials. To achieve that connection, DPS Corp. partnered with FeneTech. The FeneVision ERP system is widely used by window and door fabricators, and glass manufacturers. Beyond building the interface, FeneTech's team will offer 24/7 customer support and service for WIN.

Ron Crowl, president and CEO of FeneTech, says, “FeneTech strongly advocates that the digital factory extends beyond the four walls of a manufacturing facility. We are excited to partner with Veka in bringing this technology to the industry as the potential for efficiency gains are clearly possible.”

Steve Dillon, director of digital commercialization for DPS Corp. and corporate marketing director for Veka will take the commercial lead to introduce WIN to the North American market. “Full commercialization of WIN is planned for 2020,” he says. “WIN is a living technology, and our plan is to expand on its capability as market awareness grows.”

DPS will preview the WIN system in the Veka booth at GlassBuild America in Atlanta this September, along with digital tools from the development pipeline showcased for firsthand customer feedback.