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YKK AP Begins Operations at New Residential Manufacturing Facility

YKK AP employees in front of Macon facility

YKK AP America Inc. started operations at its new manufacturing facility in Macon, Georgia. The 400,000-square-foot purpose-built facility manufactures residential windows and doors for homebuilders and homeowners throughout the Southeast region. It is located at 100 YKK AP Way, in Macon’s industrial district.

Macon facilityReasons behind the new facility

The opening of the facility follows more than 18 months of design and planning.

With a growing residential market, the new facility provides YKK AP with the ability to enhance customer satisfaction by doubling production capacity. It also sets the stage for the upcoming new and upgraded StyleView Classic series that will be produced on new manufacturing lines. All employees have been relocated from the previous manufacturing facility.

“The new manufacturing facility is an investment in our people and our customers,” says Oliver Stepe, president and CEO of YKK AP America. “It provides a best-in-class facility where employees have a comfortable, safe and well-equipped work environment to provide quality products and service to our customers.”

Facility benefits

The facility integrates vinyl extrusion, fabrication and glazing, while improving operational efficiencies by bringing all processes under one roof, a strategic floor layout and investment in new equipment. Additionally, the company plans to add automated goods-to-person technology to reduce the manual movement of heavy windows across the plant.

To enhance the employee experience, the facility was designed with increased natural light, updated furnishing and outdoor spaces, including a walking trail and basketball/pickleball court. The facility is also 100% climate controlled.

“Our purpose as a company is to build a better society through architectural products,” Stepe adds. “Today, we celebrate our ability to do so with a dedicated residential manufacturing facility that uses the latest technologies and sustainable manufacturing practices to help build the future in a meaningful way.”