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eGlass by Innovative Glass Corp.

Details: Made for residential and commercial windows, doors and skylights, eGlass products eliminate the need for blinds or any other window treatments by giving users the ability to control privacy. Glass can be switched from clear to frosted and can manage heat, light and sun glare via variable tinting. The products are laminated with a dynamic interlayer so there are no moving parts, and can be controlled automatically by an environmental stimulus or electronically via a wall switch, voice command or integration into an AV system. Each eGlass product is custom-produced to client specifications and can be provided as pre-wired panels or as finished frame units ready for installation. Most eGlass runs on 120v AC and can be incorporated into interior and exterior door and framing systems.

Best-selling Features: Innovative Glass attributes the high-tech glass’s ability to control privacy and eliminating the need for window treatments as top reasons for its popularity. When powered, the glass is transparent and when unpowered, the film inside the glass frosts to obscure the view. Natural light still passes through the glass in the privacy setting. The company also says the glass can accommodate odd-shaped, hard-to-shade windows, as well as oversized glass areas.