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Awning Operator and Bracket

X-DRIVE Awning Operator and Bracket

Roto Frank of America, Inc.'s new and improved X-DRIVE awning operator and bracket is designed to make the attachment point stronger, more durable, and more intuitive to access. Some new features include a simplified and improved attach/detach function of the awning operator, and a center mark on the awning bracket for easy installation and serviceability in the field. To connect the operator to the track, open the bracket hook, place the end of the operator into the slot on the awning bracket, and swing the clip closed. To disconnect it, open the awning bracket and press down on the operator arms in order to separate it from the bracket. It also comes in both surface mount and face mount options. Changing out the old awning connections only requires a simple change at the connection point, and the new operator will still fit into the same route location and not require any different processing.