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Fire resistant garments

Magid FR by CarbonX

Magid has partnered with flame-resistant PPE and apparel company CarbonX to co-brand a line of FR garments that they’re calling Magid FR by CarbonX. The apparel line will protect against heat, flame, molten metal splash, arc flash hazards, and will be available in a variety of styles which include the Balaclava (CXH31), 7.7oz Shirt (CX54), 6 oz. Shirt (CX06), and 6 oz. Pants (CX16). Manufactured to be ideal for protecting against molten metal hazards, Magid FR by CarbonX garments can withstand direct flame up to 20 times longer than competing FR garments without melting, igniting, or burning. Thermal protective properties won’t wash out or wear away.