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Ideal 4000 by Eko-Okna S.A.

Details: The Ideal 4000 windows have a 2 ¾-inch profile depth and renovation strip 1.6 or 2.55 inches long with a possible shortening option to required sizes. Available with a white and brown core, the “B” class profile windows are glazed with units up to 1.62 inches. Options include the ability to manufacture windows with a renovation frame, add Aluskins aluminum covers, have concealed hinges and the possibility of mounting a handle in the center.

Best-selling Features: This universal system works well in modern architecture of single- and multi-family housing, according to the company. Glazing packages are available up to 41 millimeters wide with the possibility of using full-color technology, in which all visible elements of frame, sash and post profiles are veneered, including the parts visible only after opening the sash.