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Motor operator

Tube Motor

The Tube Motor Operator is a service tubular AC motor operator with a low profile, lightweight design and compact side room. With a rating of 5 cycles/hour, this motor operator is UL325 listed and available in 3-inch and 4-inch type motors that work with a wide range of door sizes.

The Tube Motor Operator includes an auxiliary hand crank for manual operation in emergencies, plus built-in Open/Close/Stop buttons and a 24 VDC output signal that warns when the door is in motion. It also has a dedicated terminal for connecting a monitored entrapment protection device, and it includes a close override feature in case the entrapment device malfunctions. An optional secondary monitored entrapment module is available for added protection. A one-second delay prior to reversing is also in place to prevent operator injury and door damage.

Standard components of the Tube Motor Operator are auto-reset thermal protection that prevents motor burnout, electronic limit switches that enable limit setting via a simple three-button station at floor level, and an exterior radio-control terminal for fast, easy connection of radio controls. It is pre-wired for additional optional sensing devices, and users can add an edge device, photo eye, or other detection device as desired.