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WOCD for casement windows


The Interlock Window Opening Control Device, or WOCD, for casement windows features a selection of materials and intelligent design features that are designed to improve the user experience. 

  • Cleaning and maintenance of an open window can be performed without additional care because the flexible, stainless steel sash connector will not deform or bend due to accidental contact when disengaged.
  • The flexibility of the sash connector and built-in sash lifter ensure automatic reengagement every time with no need for future adjustments, say officials.
  • Fast, easy disengagement because the sash connector can be released before the window reaches the maximum allowable opening.
  • The compact design fits a variety of casement and awning windows and accommodates vertical or horizontal placement.
  • Restriction distance can be adjusted before or after installation to ensure any window thickness is limited to the maximum allowable opening.
  • Self-locating for a proper fit..
  • Tested load capacity and cycle durability exceeds the requirements of ASTM F2090-21