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5 Steps to Successful Recruitment

For companies that decide recruiting is a hiring strategy worth considering, there are certain practices that can help lead to success.

  1. Build a relationship with a vetted firm. Do your homework to find an honorable firm with a good track record. They should work for the employer, not the candidate.
  2. Find a recruiting partner. Recruiters should demonstrate deep industry knowledge of the position and the competitive landscape of the potential talent pool. They should have industry relationships they can leverage to attract talent.
  3. Reach out to as many industry professionals as possible to receive referrals. Some may raise their hand with an interest of their own, but most importantly the request isn't received as being offensive or clear poaching.
  4. Ensure hiring authorities and external recruiting vendors know the rules. Communicate who are the strategic partners, competitors with non-poaching agreements, and other organizations that have ongoing or sensitive past lawsuits. Note that it is unethical for a recruiter to poach talent from their clients or candidates that they have previously placed and for any other recruiter employed by the recruiting firm to poach employees of the company.
  5. Don’t hire more than one recruiter. More than one will just incentivize recruiters to take shortcuts in the vetting process rather than acting like a fiduciary on behalf of the hiring company.


Bethany Stough

Bethany Stough

Bethany Stough is senior manager, digital media for the National Glass Assoc. Contact her at