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AIM 3410 Aluminum Processing Center: Dynamic, strong and innovative

YilmazDistinguished among the new generation of aluminum processing centers from Yılmaz Machine, AIM 3410 is dynamic, strong and innovative, offering a compact structure and strong capabilities. AIM 3410 is powered by AIMCAM, a software package developed by Yılmaz Machine, setting it apart from its competitors.

A Q+A with the Developing Engineer

How would you describe AIM 3410?

All the design details have been carefully thought out, considering user interactions and occupational safety. Compliant with the functions it performs and aimed to fulfill the expectations of the target audience, AIM 3410 has a pioneering design addressing the requirements of the sector.

How would you list the prominent characteristics of the product?

AIM 3410 is optimized for the processing sizes of the joinery sector. It is available in a standard single length with a processing length of 3,200 mm in the X axis, a processing length of 225 mm in the Y axis, and a processing length of 260 mm in the Z axis. It has a processing capacity of -+95° in the A axis.

AIM 3410 has an air-cooled spindle of 7.5 kW capable of running cycles up to 24,000 rpm. Unlike equivalent machines, the tool chuck is designed on the movable axis, which makes it possible to minimize the time required to replace the tool. With a total number of eight tools, AIM 3410 has 1 unit of 180-saw that is offered optionally for notching procedures. Similarly, the optional tool length measuring prevents possible faults with tool lengths caused by operator error. 

The product offers a user-friendly interface design with a wide 15-inch screen. The AIMCAM software package makes it possible to program in a quick and easy manner. AIMCAM is supported by visual icons and a simulation feature embedded in the program. 

In addition, a significant development is the machine allows the operator to monitor in real time the movements on the screen while the machine processes on the profile.

What are the requirements and industries that AIM 3401 is manufactured to fulfill and serve?

The design of this machine is based on the asymmetric construction developed as the market’s manufacturing rate increases. There has been an increase in demand for CNC machines since aluminum profiles are more widely used in many areas. Since our existing 4-axis machines were more costly and industrial, they were considered luxurious and expensive for the door and window industry. Thus, we have developed AIM 3410, which is more compact and more affordable, and optimized to fulfill the precision requirements in the sector.

How long did it take to develop this product? What were the stages you felt challenged the most during this process?

We have significantly considered the experiences we gained from our operations as an R&D center and the aluminum processing machines we have previously manufactured. For example, since we were aware of the conditions the aluminum processing machines carry out, we made sure during the design process that the tool chuck is on the mobile axis. The aim was to minimize the tool replacement time making sure the machine delivers the highest level of efficiency. As a result of intense operations in the R&D department, we achieved designing a machine that features eight tooling units, is capable of moving and tooling on a single axis, is able to get tool length measuring and notching saw equipped, and is compact while reducing the loss of time.

We also considered the recommendations, requests and wishes from our dealers and customers. Much attention was paid to the material efficiency during the design process of AIM 3410. For the design of the chassis and axis bodies, numerical programs were used to carry out analyses at each stage of the design and, the designs were completed considering the static, dynamic and vibration characteristics.

Also, user efficiency, maintenance and technical services were factored into the design of AIM 3410. For example, predictive maintenance operations were intended to minimize the downtimes for services and malfunctions, and we ensured the positions of the machines that require periodic maintenance are easily accessible.

How would you describe the most competitive features of AIM 3410? What are the advantages this product offers to the end user?

We can describe AIM 3410 using the keywords: dynamic, strong and innovative. Unlike its competitors, AIM 3410 has two-row tool chuck with eight tools offering an ability to attach a tool on the movable axis, reducing the time to replace a tool.