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Best Dealer Support/Marketing Program 2023

PGT Innovations

PGT officials recording podcast

The Program

PGT Innovations offers a multi-faceted dealer education program. The team, PGTI University, offers product training, installation and services training, and general industry training (including CEU approved courses). This content is delivered through a number of modalities.

Their Learning Management System offers the convenience of 24/7 eLearning courses. These courses help those brand new to the fenestration industry, as well as seasoned professionals desiring to stay current with product, energy, and code updates. The courses lead to a comprehensive certification program of varying levels, ranging from Associate, Professional, Masters and Expert level both in product knowledge and installation/services knowledge. Instructor led trainings take place through Zoom webinars, as well as training camps throughout the Southeastern United States. They utilize a stage trailer as a mobile classroom to better reach those wanting to deepen their understanding.

With 400 videos on the PGTI University YouTube channel, they average over 12,000 views each month. This allows installation crews to easily access the content needed in a convenient and timely fashion. In addition, this team launched The Clear Impact podcast in 2021, publishing weekly episodes to help dealers succeed in business, as well as provides information to homeowners doing research before purchasing windows and doors. Recently PGTI University launched a pilot program with local technical colleges, which offers their entry level certification courses to students enrolled in construction programs. 

What the judges say

  • PGTI's multi-facted comprehensive dealer/installer education program is amazing. It far surpasses anything I have seen before involving the residential market. I was especially impressed with the pilot program outreach to local community colleges.
  • Clearly, PGTI has invested a tremendous amount of time and resources into educating their dealers. From architects and designers to end users, they don't want to be "sold", they want to be educated. This marketing program fully supports and initiates that process.
  • The initiative that PGTI has taken with their dealer education program is to be commended. It is easily accessible and will make a huge impact on the fenestration industry at many different levels.


Rachel Vitello

Rachel Vitello

Rachel Vitello is the Assistant Editor & Researcher for Window + Door and Glass Magazine.