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Most Innovative Entry Door 2022

Panda Window and Doors’ Voyage Select Pivot Door

over-sized residential entrance door

The Product

Inspired by exotic locations around the world, Panda’s line of Voyage Select custom contemporary pivot doors are designed to meet the increasing demand for large modern architectural art features. Voyage Select Pivot Doors offer 13 designs that can be fabricated with over 100 different finish options.  

The frames and hardware enable pivots up to nine feet wide and 18 feet high with a maximum weight of 750 pounds. Traditional hinged doors are hung on a frame that limits their size and weight, but Voyage Select pivot doors operate by turning around a spindle, acting as the “pivot” point. This is designed to give the door a sleek, contemporary look while taking the weight from the door frame. A variety of tracks, panel profiles, finishes, glass options and hardware are available.  

Included in the wide array of feature options to choose from is an LED recessed pull handle, which can be placed horizontally or vertically. Included in each Voyage Select Pivot Door is a concealed, self-closing mechanism and a multi-point locking system for added security. As an option, a pivot drop seal to improve weatherability without causing drag can be added and ADA-compliant thresholds are available upon request. Each door is handcrafted in the USA with hardware, steel pin spindles and Panda’s 6063-T6 aluminum extrusions. 

What the Judges Say

  • I liked the aesthetics of the door the most plus the oversize capabilities. 

  • Modern design coupled with 18-foot height displays the innovative engineering behind the product. 

  • Clean, innovative style. 

  • Broad capabilities for materials and finishes. 


Rachel Vitello

Rachel Vitello

Rachel Vitello is the Assistant Editor & Researcher for Window + Door and Glass Magazine.