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Most Innovative Manufacturing Process


flexscreen and flexscreen lite are vinyl-welded to the frame

The Process

New to the market in September 2021, FlexScreen Lite is a more economical version of FlexScreen that is geared toward price-sensitive, large-volume, standard-size windows for new construction.

The FlexScreen Lite manufacturing process includes custom machinery and patented processes that come together to create a PVC-coated round wire, flexible window screen frame. Just like a regular FlexScreen, the mesh on FlexScreen Lite is vinyl-welded to the frame.

Boasting all of the same benefits as a regular FlexScreen, FlexScreen Lite offers a more economical price point to make the product more accessible on a larger scale.

FlexScreen lite manufacturing process
FlexScreen Lite

What the Judges Say

  • FlexScreen has reinvented the window screen and, during this process, has developed a unique manufacturing around the product.
  • FlexScreen Lite makes an innovative technology affordable to the broader market.
  • This takes a successful product to a broader market through technology and price point.
  • The company is good to recognize the need and provide a more economical screen product to meet the needs of the market.
  • FlexScreen's lower-cost model will help them achieve greater adoption of an already innovative and disruptive approach to screens.


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