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Most Innovative Window Component

AmesburyTruth Pinnacle

 inverted block and tackle balance for windows

The Product

The Pinnacle balance by AmesburyTruth was designed using a new concept for inverted block and tackle balances. Pinnacle uses a pawl lock that is intended to produce a more reliable lockup and minimize zing up concerns. When the sash comes into contact with the pawl, the pawl releases the lock on the cord, versus a typical pivot bar activating a lock when the sash is tilted. This alleviates reliance on the accuracy of jamb extrusion dimensions to properly lock and unlock the sash.

Pinnacle still uses an integrated t-lock that engages into the pocket with a twist and turn motion. Another design feature is the universal attachment clip, which allows dual mounting options by either screwing it directly into the jamb or by using the hanger functionality of the clip for installation. This design allows customers to use one balance configuration across multiple window lines, where today they may require various configurations, creating the potential to reduce their overall SKU count needed. The design also allows for pivot bar engagement directly into the steel channel.

Pinnacle is available in standard weights and lengths and fits pockets sizes 1.292 inches and 1 inch. Pinnacle also allows the window manufacturer to design a pocket smaller than traditional balances require.

Pinnacle has gone through testing and passed AAMA 902 Cycle Testing, Tilt Lock-up Cycling, Pivot Interlock Strength Testing, and Dirt & Debris Testing.

What the Judges Say

  • Designed for manufacturability on high-volume lines.
  • Inverted block and tackle will cut down maintenance.
  • The reduction of SKUs and simplifying the supply chain for the manufacturer is a great step forward.
  • In order to meet egress codes, the industry needs good solutions for inverted balances. The t-bar looked solid and easy to use.
  • The new design concept of the Pinnacle block and tackle balance should resolve many of the challenges posed by standard design balances.
  • Interesting innovation and update for an older design technology; it seems widely applicable for those preferring this type of balance system.


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