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Most Innovative Window Component 2022

Continental skai Mattex 

window components

The Product

Continental’s skai Mattex exterior surfaces program offers an extreme matte in laminated surfaces with a gloss level of two. The surface replicates the look and feel of powder-coated aluminum with a particularly fine, concisely structured surface. Its grain structure makes the surface scratch-resistant. In addition, it is sealed with a PVDF-layer for a low surface tension, is resistant to chemicals and has a high temperature resistance, which helps it not develop gloss during welding or bending.  

What the Judges Say

  • Attractive colors are what consumers want. 

  • This provides an aluminum look to a vinyl product. This is desirable for commercial applications. 

  • This exterior finish allows traditional vinyl windows to have same finish and feel as specialty powder coated metal. The result is a very innovative and economical answer for consumers’ color needs. 

  • Unique look and surface texture for a laminate. 


Rachel Vitello

Rachel Vitello

Rachel Vitello is the Assistant Editor & Researcher for Window + Door and Glass Magazine.