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Most Unique Innovation 2023

Lux Windows and Doors CliC Privacy Glass

CLiC Privacy Glass

The Product

CLiC Privacy Glass adds instant privacy to windows with the flip of a switch; no need for curtains, blinds or shades. Offering no off-axis haze, fogginess or distortion. When in clear mode, the glass produces crystal clear views and is equally transparent at any position, even on the largest of glass panels. With an incredibly low transition time, room occupants can see the benefits instantly. There is no waiting for either privacy or clarity. CLiC's specialized electronics deliver carefully tuned power management for consistent performance over decades of use. CLiC gives clarity when wanted, and privacy when needed. The CLiC platform allows easy integration with third-party control systems and seamless installation into homes. CLiC becomes a part of homes and leverages advanced technology to providing the smoothest automation experience.  

What the judges say

  • The technology is great for comfort and privacy in the house while saving the cost of window treatments!
  • The Lux solution is the answer to what is desired on today's market. Designers and end users want privacy on demand without the cluttered look of blinds, shades, draperies, etc. This product supports a clean, minimalistic aesthetic.
  • CliC Privacy Glass is truly a unique innovation. This next generation privacy glass can go from transparent to instant privacy with the flip of a switch, still allowing the occupants to see out, but providing privacy inside without blinds, shades or curtains. No waiting for privacy or clarity for the consumer.


Rachel Vitello

Rachel Vitello

Rachel Vitello is the Assistant Editor & Researcher for Window + Door and Glass Magazine.