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8/0 Shaker Door by Plastpro

new home with Shaker style door



PlastproCustomers are asking for timeless, simple designs that are high-performing and have weatherproofing attributes and durability.


Shaker doors have become a popular choice in recent years. Plastpro’s Craftsman Series Shaker Doors, now available in an 8/0 height, offer the weatherproof benefits of its HydroShield Technology in this design option, which Plastpro says offers performance superior to that of wood Shaker doors. 

These new doors blend the company’s advanced, fiberglass exterior with traditional, Shaker-style elements. Based on the clean lines and simple designs seen in 19th-century Shaker furniture and architecture, the Shaker models provide an updated take on a timeless classic design and have become even more widely available with the addition of this new size.

The 8/0 Shaker Doors feature clean lines and the selection of a square framed one- or two-panel design with a minimal, smooth skin. This pre-pigmented, white exterior is designed to give a modern look and feel to any home and can be painted. 

The doors are part of the Craftsman Series, which pulls design inspiration from 19th- and 20th-century architecture, featuring flat panels and traditional styles, as well as offering direct glazed options.