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Screens Outsourcing Solutions | Quanex Building Products

Quanex screens casement rigging

Quanex Screens can produce up to 125,000 window screens and 22,500 door screens daily.

Quanex Building ProductsMake the best use of floor space, reduce labor and free up working capital to invest in other areas. High-quality extrusions and material selections from Quanex give manufacturers the power to build the right solutions to meet and exceed customers’ expectations. Contact your sales representative or email


With the pace of current demand, manufacturers need to focus on output in key production areas. And, the labor shortage makes it imperative for experienced employees to help in the core areas of the business. Having to manage labor, inventory and devoting floor space to non-core fabrication efforts such as window screens production can drain resources and valued capacity. Solutions are needed to boost overall plant efficiency and provide needed product.

Quanex Building Products


Full-service window and door patio screens outsourcing with Quanex Building Products can help manufacturers focus on building quality windows and doors without the headaches associated with screen production. 

Quanex can build screens to exact specifications, package them to specific preferences, and align shipping and delivery to production schedules. Doing so eliminates raw material and finished goods inventory. It can save costs and floor space associated with screen fabrication equipment, allowing manufacturers to re-direct capital toward higher-margin manufacturing activities.

Quanex has a complete range of screens that include roll-formed and extruded screen profiles, as well as custom items to fit any business needs. With locations throughout the U.S., there’s a location nearby for timely shipping and service.