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Top-Selling Windows & Doors

Today’s clients demand not only the right look for their home, but also efficiency and durability in the products they select. As such, functionality, aesthetics and efficiency reign supreme in this year’s product showcase of top-selling windows and doors. Check out the following product details not only to discover which systems are making the most for companies’ bottom lines, but also what makes them hit sellers.

Facets of Top-Selling Design

We asked a number of sources for their insights on what goes into the design of top-selling products. Beyond aesthetics and price point, we identified five areas of focus.


“It's the "whole package" and not just one or two features that makes a window sell well. The product has to do it all … in terms of beauty, design, energy efficiency, colors and loads of features. Also being part of larger lineup of matching functional styles such as sliders, pictures, bays, bows, casements really completes the "whole package" and helps make the window a perennial best seller.”—Steve Chen, president, Crystal Window & Door Systems

“[In terms of] entry doors, glass privacy levels is very much a concern to the homeowner.”—Jim Cangialosi, owner, Taylor Door LLC

“Trends change, preferences shift, needs differ. Keeping the voice of the customer at the top of mind is hugely important when thinking about the design of a top-selling window. Using quality and sustainable materials will attract the discerning customer. Their main concern when choosing that perfect window and door package is the design options and performance capabilities available to them. As we've all seen in recent years, customers are rushing towards contemporary designs.”—Dominic Truniger, VP of sales and marketing, Sierra Pacific Windows


“In addition to the physical design, we’ve found what most consistently results in enduring success is adherence to the highest ideals of quality, safety, honesty, and integrity. Designing a top-selling window requires a careful and deliberate combination of structural, thermal, and technical performance, aesthetics, function, features, and cost, to create the overall product. Any one of these elements may carry greater weight at a particular time, but the combination of desirable elements is what gives the product “staying power” in the market. Manufacturers must determine each component of the design, execute it at the highest level, and price the product to fairly represent the design and costs involved in getting it to the ultimate consumer, thus ensuring staying power for the manufacturer and lifetime support for the warranty.”—Terry Rex, marketing specialist and territory manager, Seaway Manufacturing Corp. 


“Adhesives and sealants are integral to manufacturing top-of-the-line windows and doors. Having adhesives and sealants optimized for your manufacturing process can have a significant impact not only in the quality of the product but also in the manufacturing process. Further, using poor installation methods or poor quality adhesives and sealants during the installation of the product can impede the weather-ability of the product.”—Jacob Woodard, Director of Business Strategy, Manus Products

Market Intelligence

“Collaboration with dealer partners, extensive market research, market savvy product managers and an expert engineering team enabled new stunning products by Milgard. Customers are primarily focused on aesthetics, performance and value. Staying focused on the features and benefits of a product and highlighting those elements in your marketing efforts are important. A thorough marketing plan reaches, across all channels throughout the buying cycle.”—Kevin Anez, director of product management, Milgard Windows & Doors


“Focus on the quality of your processes and personnel. With labor at a premium, retaining and training them properly, and keeping them focused, is critical. Establish leadership positions that are focused on maintaining production speed, efficiency and quality.”—S. Joseph Shaheen, director of sales, GED Integrated Solutions Inc.