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The Data Tells a Story

Be part of the narrative

Earlier this year, I discovered Power Zone training on my Peloton spin bike. I’d heard about it for a couple of years and in the long winter days that kept me mostly housebound, I was looking for a new physical challenge. I embarked on a pre-structured training program focusing on total output,  calculated by combining cadence and resistance. Bit by bit, my output crept up. The targeted training program provided data specific to my fitness levels, enabling me to work smartly to increase my functional threshold output (FTP). In the first half of this year alone, my FTP increased by 20%. 

Although I partially chose journalism as a career field because of my disdain for math and numbers, I frequently find myself immersed in—and even engrossed by—numbers and spreadsheets full of data in both my personal and professional life.

The annual Industry Pulse and Top Manufacturers Reports are among the highlights of my work year, and I look forward to seeing what does—and doesn’t—change year over year. The data tells a fascinating story, and subsequent conversations and qualitative commentary add even more depth. Readers tell me annually how they value the data we provide from each survey and reference it throughout the year.

When John Burns Research and Consulting approached Window + Door about partnering in a quarterly market study earlier this year, we jumped at the opportunity to provide even more relevant data to the industry. JBREC offers independent research and consulting services related to the U.S. housing industry. (Get a glimpse of the data they provide in our upcoming July/August issue, where Chris Beard, director, building products research, JBREC, writes about the state of the R&R market.)

We look forward to working with JBREC to provide relevant and targeted data for the residential fenestration industry that we can share at GlassBuild America and in our publications and digital assets throughout the year.

But here’s the catch: it won’t work without your participation. We know the survey asks for information many companies prefer not to divulge and are taking steps to ensure total privacy. Here are some common concerns and how we will address them:

  1. How will we keep your responses private?
    JBREC, which has received an Integrity Research Compliance Accreditation, will collect all the data. Window + Door and the National Glass Association will receive information in aggregate but will not know which companies submit which data points so you can be assured your responses will never be tied back to you.
  2. How will we use the data?
    JBREC will compile a takeaways report each quarter with the latest data and insights from qualitative commentary. As this survey progresses, we’ll provide quarter-over-quarter and year-over-year insights.
  3. How will this data benefit the industry?
    The quarterly report will be a first-of-its-kind index of the residential fenestration market and will equip industry participants with valuable information about current and future business conditions to help decision makers make informed business decisions.

Just as providing targeted training data for my bike ultimately helps me to be a stronger cyclist, providing consistent data for this study will ultimately provide a tool to help you strengthen your company. The data tells a story. Won’t you be part of it?

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Laurie Cowin

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