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Safety First

The industry continues to prioritize safety, as evidenced through window, screen and manufacturing safety considerations.

Window Covering Safety

Attention on window covering safety continues to grow with industry standards requirements.

7 Heat Safety Myths in Indoor Manufacturing

How to keep workers safe amid high temperatures.

Fishing for the Phishers

Scam emails seek to infiltrate business systems and take information. Considering the average office worker receives over 100 emails daily, it's easy to get fooled by phishing emails. Here's 10 signs that an email might not be legitimate.

4 Tips for Staying Safe in Extreme Heat

High temperatures can be harmful, and at times potentially lethal, for those who work in the field, like installers. How to stay safe amid high temperatures.

4 Tips For Staying Safe in Extreme Heat

With summer in full swing, extreme heat is sweeping across the nation. High temperatures can be harmful, and at times potentially lethal, for those who work in the field, like installers. There are ways that those who work outside can keep themselves safe during these warmer months.

Trauma Response Training: Learning What You Hope You’ll Never Need

Keeping our team members safe on the job is our number one priority. This is why the FGIA Fenestration Safety Committee makes it a priority to host a safety speaker at each of our conferences. As staff liaison for this group for the past three years, I’ve learned more than I ever thought possible…

Window Safety Awareness Prevents Tragedies

The first week of April is Window Safety Week. April marks the return of mild weather for many parts of North America, which encourages homeowners to open windows. But these open windows can also represent a danger, especially for small children. Proper education on potential dangers and the…

FGIA Launches New Safety Library

The Fenestration and Glazing Industry Alliance has launched a new Safety Library that will serve as a home for fenestration safety resources for FGIA members.

Tips for Working in Cold Weather

Temperatures are dropping, and staying low, in many parts of the U.S. Make sure installers and other field employees stay safe by following industry guidance on preventing cold-related injury and illness. Industry leaders share tips on best practices for keeping employees warm enough and safe in…

Ready for Hurricane Season?

Standards for impact resistance certification, plus a hurricane preparedness checklist and guide.

How hurricane-resistant windows and doors can save a home

In October 2018, Hurricane Michael, a Category 4 hurricane, ravaged Mexico Beach, Florida, when it made landfall in the Florida Panhandle. This is one resident's story of how the StormBreaker Plus series windows helped save her family’s home.

Equipment Safety

Five Tips for a Safer Work Environment Easy-to-implement ideas to boost manufacturing plant safety Create policies, not only for where employees can walk, but how they move through the plant floor. For example, require workers and visitors to exercise the same rules as crossing a road—stop at…

PPE Advancements for Safety, Comfort

New technologies have advanced the safety industry through new materials that provide the best of both worlds in lighter, cooler, more comfortable fabrics, glove coatings that won’t stick to or ruin surfaces, and high cut resistance.

Expert Panel to Host Virtual Lunch and Learn, Focusing on Heat Safety

Magid, a manufacturer of personal protective equipment innovations, announced in mid-March that it will host a Virtual Lunch & Learn with the National Heat Safety Coalition at noon CST on April 6, 2022 online.

FGIA Conference Participants Learn Benefits of Trauma Response Training

Fenestration and Glazing Industry Alliance 2022 Hybrid Annual Conference participants learned the benefits of training employees on how to respond to trauma at facilities such as manufacturing plants and construction sites.

Magid Releases Safety Matters Guide About Mask Efficacy Against COVID-19

The ‘Safety Matters’ installment cites a 2020 study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, which concluded N95 respirators are almost twice as effective as commercial three-ply cloth masks in blocking particulates that could…

Quanex Cambridge Facility Earns ISO 45001-2018 Certification for Occupational Health and Safety Management

The goal of ISO 45001-2018 is to enable organizations to provide a safe and healthy workplace by preventing work-related injury and ill health, as well as proactively improving OH&S performance.

Magid Cooling Neck Gaiter Places in the Top Three for Best in Show 2021 New Product Showcase at NSC

Magid Cool Powered by Mission HydroActive Cooling products include cooling bandanas, cooling neck gaiters, cooling towels and cooling skull caps, all of which are designed to combat industrial heat illness in the workplace and the financial ramifications it has on businesses worldwide.

Safety Demonstration Offers Active Shooter Training at FGIA Hybrid Fall Conference

In-person participants at the 2021 Fenestration and Glazing Industry Alliance Hybrid Fall Conference learned strategies and techniques for ways to disarm active shooters in a presentation and active workshop from Sentinel Security Group, which was sponsored by the FGIA Fenestration Safety Committee.

Window Opening Control Devices and Safety Plans

Window Opening Control Devices (WOCDs) are allowed by building code to be installed on operable windows designated as emergency escape and rescue openings that comply with ASTM F2090, providing they do not encroach on the opening area dimensions required in the code.

Safety Matters

A plant accident investigation protocol can prevent future incidents.

Security Steps

What employers and employees can do to reduce the risk of cyber security breaches for remote workforces.

Safety Session Outlines Steps for Accident Investigation Program

Mike Troutman, vice president of environmental, health and safety excellence for MI Windows and Doors, offered an accident investigation protocol roadmap to the participants of the Fenestration and Glazing Industry Alliance Virtual Annual Conference.

Improve Plant Safety Through Control Measures

The Do’s and Don’ts of Glass Safety Task Group (IGMA TM-5000) is developing a comprehensive safety manual on glass handling that sets forth examples and suggestions for in-plant safety control measures.

10 Tips for Safer Factory Floors

While many manufacturers implemented procedures over the spring and summer, the recent surge in positive tests in a handful of states suggest that the following 10 tips from the panelists are still relevant to the industry.

Window Safety Week

Window Safety Week, held next week, is observed to heighten the awareness of what parents and caregivers should do to help keep their family and visitors safer from the risks of window falls or injuries in their home, as well as how they can use their windows for emergency escape and rescue…

Continued Opportunity for Impact Windows

Hurricane Florence has dominated headlines this week and last, as the powerful storm brought a major surge and heavy rains to the Carolinas and beyond. With significant flooding affecting the areas, recovery crews have their work cut out for them.

Investing in the #1 Asset

Ensuring people know their value could be a key element in alleviating some of the pressure in the labor market. Making investments in people pays dividends to a company’s bottom line, impacting employee recruitment, retention and overall success.