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Software, Data Curation and Advanced Manufacturing

Among the pandemic’s many consequences is the adoption of digital tools, including software that enhances work in the office, factory and selling. Today’s software often is designed to integrate with hardware and machinery with the intent to streamline automation and interconnectivity. Industry sources even are releasing some programs that can be used with mobile devices to perform functions such as barcode scanning.

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Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of software is that of curating data. “The ability of these automated work centers to send data back to the production system provides opportunities for more flexibility and better management in the workflow,” says Dave Miller, FeneTech. This is of particular importance as Industry 4.0 bears down on factories.

The clarity data brings also promotes efficiency and accuracy. “[There will be] even more focus on the digital process, as every waste counts double. Everything has to be right the first time, with the least amount of site visits,” says Zach Harris, Prodim International.

Advanced manufacturing may use enterprise resource planning systems that collect and house data, including visibility of all assets on the shop floor, their capabilities and how they currently operate. ERP systems also can evaluate in real time how new orders impact live production, giving companies the ability to communicate with customers early on about any anticipated delays and adjust expectations.

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Cloud-based technology affords remote access in a year when companies shifted as much work as possible to be remote. Software can help professionals design new products, enhance communication within their own team and with customers, and help customers visualize how an end product will look in their homes.


At GlassBuild Connect

Check out these five software products on display at GlassBuild Connect through 2020:

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  1. A+W Smart Companion by A+W Software
  2. DeMichele Software – Glazier Studio and PartnerPak by DeMichele Group
  3. FeneVision ERP at VinylMax by FeneTech
  4. Soft Tech Drawing Module by Soft Tech
  5. Paradigm Vendo by Paradigm

On-Demand Education
What’s Trending in Manufacturing

In this panel discussion presented by GPAD, join representatives from leading residential and commercial glass fabricators and suppliers as they discuss trends in the industry, top challenges, Industry 4.0 and more.


  • Nate Huffman, SoftSolution, NA
  • Syndi Sim, DFI
  • Mike Willard, Salem Distributing Company
  • Michael Spellman, IGE & VIG Technologies
  • Darrell Aldrich, Cardinal Glass Industries
  • John Dwyer, Syracuse Glass
  • Rob Carlson, TriStar Glass
  • John Bush, John Bush Consulting
  • Moderator: Ron Crowl, FeneTech


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