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Why Connecting CNC and the Front office is a Value Driver

Nearly 100 percent of all window and door manufacturers have a CNC machine in their operations, yet few of those CNC machines are in any way connected to your design, estimation and manufacturing solution.

Although that’s not a problem in and of itself, it is a massive missed opportunity. One of the overwhelming advantages of CNC is the precision that comes with computer-controlled manufacturing. When it’s automated, there are no errors. Every hole goes precisely where it should, every blank is machined to exact tolerances and every part is just right.

That’s why you have a CNC machine in the first place. And that’s exactly what makes the integration of your CNC with your window and door software such a compelling value proposition.

Many manufacturers already rely on software solutions to provide automation, control and accuracy across design, estimation and manufacture. When this software is linked to your CNC machine, it means a single-entry point for all data, from start to finish. No manual programming is required and there are no mistakes or rekeying of data.

CNC's Maturation

Now, a further note on CNC in our industry. These devices have only really been around for perhaps the past 20 years. If you think about what your laptop looked like two decades ago in comparison to today’s standards, there’s no comparison. The maturity and level of development that has taken place over those years puts a modern machine light years ahead, while at the same time, the acquisition cost has consistently come down. For a more detailed look at CNC, check out my colleague Slavek Heyduk’s recent blog.

The mostly recent introduction of automation software is a further reflection of the maturity of CNC. In fact, I strongly believe that CNC is the future of window and door manufacturing, particularly for the production of bespoke or architecturally designed pieces. If you’re not doing integrated manufacturing, and seamlessly driving your CNC operations straight from the front office, you’ll put yourself at a disadvantage.

All this makes for a truly compelling value proposition. It’s a great way to take a big step into the future, with a precision solution that makes your factory ready for tomorrow.


Kyle Hendrickson Soft Tech

Kyle Hendrickson

Kyle Hendrickson is the Soft Tech strategic account manager – North America