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Up Your Digital Game to Win in an Era of Physical Distancing

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to plague the planet. Manufacturing organizations face new operational challenges because frontline staff can’t take their work to the safety of their homes, and potential customers are blocked from the market by social/physical distancing requirements. Manufacturing leaders need to adapt their approach to selling/supporting customers and protecting employees in order to recover business during these times of heightened uncertainty.

How can businesses of all sizes meet these new requirements? Software, more specifically ecommerce software. Ecommerce software allows you to jumpstart your business and navigate a new landscape as sales move online. With business running in slow motion, now could be the time to upgrade your website and install ecommerce software.

Ecommerce software is the engine behind the scenes that manages a website’s online shop functionality by enabling companies to support customers and salespeople all while keeping everyone safe during the initial buying process. Through web-enabled access, ecommerce software makes it easy and more convenient for your customers to do business with you 24/7, on any device from anywhere they choose.

WordPress, an online, open source website creation tool, reminds us that, if “you don’t add value to people’s lives, selling online may not be as lucrative as you’d like.” So, before starting or enhancing your ecommerce webpage, here are 5 thought-provoking questions to ask yourself:

  • What are the goals for your ecommerce webpage (e.g., products to sell, infrastructure, marketing, timeline, industry-specific or general software)?
  • How can ecommerce software replace/enhance a reduced sales staff?
  • How can virtual selling keep customers engaged, while equipping your business to thrive despite physical distancing?
  • How can an ecommerce solution add strategic value, have an enduring impact, and address the needs of customers?
  • What solutions are your competitors offering to their customers? What advantages do you have over them?

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of technology, including software solutions, for both businesses and consumers. Adapting to the ‘new normal’ requires that your business adopt/embrace technology. I invite you to use this time to adopt new technology as you strive to move forward to something even better post COVID-19.


Chris Kammer A+W

Chris Kammer

Chris Kammer is the marketing lead for A+W Software North America. Kammer can be reached at and 847/220-5237.