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March/April 2023

Q+A with VEKA | Comprehensive, Collaborative Education

VEKA’s new Education Center delivers on its values of helping employees grow and customers to remain engaged in design trends and code compliance.

Pushing the Boundaries of Sustainability and Materials Science

A global push to live more sustainably and reduce our collective carbon footprint is compelling manufacturers to rethink how products are created. Consider these three phases of window and door products’ lifecycle: Manufacturing, the life of the product in a structure, and end-of-life recyclability.

Implementing Innovation

Window and door products are constantly redesigned to meet increasing thermal performance requirements and yet, many under-utilized products could help meet high demand. These innovative solutions could reduce residential energy consumption while increasing homeowners’ thermal comfort.

Next-Level Performance

Buildings account for an estimated 40 percent of global carbon emissions, with building operations producing 27 percent of total emissions, according to Architecture 2030. But there is more than just energy savings and climate benefits driving the use of higher-performing glass technologies.

Aluminum Extrusions

Aluminum can meet many goals, including those around sustainability, recyclability and design.

Energy Star 7.0 | Making Intelligent Design Decisions

Maximize operations’ bottom-line profitability and increase products’ market share by making intelligent fenestration design decisions.

Energy Star Version 7.0

What companies should know as they prepare for the October implementation of Energy Star Version 7.0.

The Right Tool for the Job

Why fenestration manufacturers need fenestration-specific solutions.

Residential Backlogs Sustain Near-Term Homeowner Demand

Despite potential declines, long-term factors may be an industry boon.

As America Evolves, So Does the Buy American Act

How to comply with increasing domestic content threshold percentages: what window manufacturers can do upfront to increase the chance of getting the order for government projects.

How Federal Window Tax Credits Benefit the Industry

Energy-efficient tax credits make it appealing for homeowners to upgrade and replace their old, drafty windows. Through the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, federal tax credits provide savings for homeowners, home builders, and commercial building owners to offset the costs of improvements and…

Symmetry Meets Style

The Fotsch Residence is a 7,690-square-foot new construction home on a wooded Wisconsin lot. Kolbe Windows & Doors contributed its systems to this project.