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19th Annual Fenetech User Conference Ends

The FeneTech User Conference ended June 9 for the company's customers worldwide. During the virtual conference, FeneTech shared the latest enhancements and features of its FeneVision ERP software.

Dave Miller, who heads up business development for FeneTech's glass fabrication customers, says, "The user conference takes a lot of effort and coordination by many FeneTech team members, and I look forward to it every year. It has always been a great opportunity to meet with our customers in a professional yet relaxed environment and grow our relationships. This helps us expand our ideas about enhancing the FeneVision systems to better support their business operations. It helps our customers gain a greater understanding of the system framework, best practices, and ideas that have gone into the system over the last 25 years.

"I look forward to getting together in person at our conference next year, but in the meantime, I'm excited about the opportunity to catch up with many of our friends at the upcoming GlassBuild show this fall."

By gathering ideas from its customers during the conference, FeneTech will assemble a list of the most important features for their users' success, which drives development for the coming year, according to the company.

"The user conference is mutually beneficial,” says Matt Batcha, business development for FeneTech’s window and door customers. “We present all that's new with the software in terms of functionality, and our customers provide valuable input about their production needs with respect to the software."  

Fenetech will release the dates for the 2022 US and Europe FeneTech User Conference later this month.