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AAMA Offers Updated Courses and Platform for FenestrationMasters Version 2.0

AAMA updated its FenestrationMasters program first launched in 2012. Version 2.0 offers an update and re-design of the current coursework. AAMA reports this release includes re-packaged course segments from Group 1, with Groups 2-3 scheduled to be available by the end of the month, and Groups 4 through 6 to follow shortly in January and February. The first opportunity to sit for the online final 2.0 exam will be February 2020.

The program's new modernized platform allows for more interactivity and engagement than its former counterpart, according to AAMA, as well as responsive design elements to improve functionality across all devices. For those currently certified, the online recertification coursework is available in the original format and platform. Recertification coursework will be available in the new format in 2022.

A release from AAMA suggests that those on a strict timeline for 2019 who are not yet certified would do best to enroll in the original FenestrationMasters program now by contacting The release states, “However, if a company's training budget and timeline allow, they may consider taking advantage of FenestrationMasters 2.0.”

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