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Bill Shipman Celebrates 35 Years at Roto Frank of America

Bill Shipman Celebrates 35 Anniversary at Roto Frank of America
From left to right: Chris Dimou (CEO and president), Bill Shipman and Patrick Kampermann (director of finance)

Bill Shipman, Roto Frank of America’s product manager of European products, recently celebrated his 35th anniversary at RFA.  
Shipman started at Roto in June of 1986 in skylight production. He was then promoted to shipping and receiving before becoming the assistant shipping and receiving manager. A few years later RFA opened a 40,000-square-foot skylight distribution center in Essex, Connecticut, which Shipman managed for several years. From there he was promoted to the skylight service technician before eventually transitioning to a salesman for the skylight division (Northeast BRM).  
In 1999, Shipman switched from the skylight division into the hardware division and worked in the product management group. He was then promoted to the product manager for the Euro program, his current role. Throughout his many years at Roto, Shipman also plays an integral role during trade shows from helping plan Euro product displays, setup, work the shows to the dismantle, according to RFA.