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Caldwell Launches Product Innovations Website has launched in conjunction with GlassBuild Connect. Along with Caldwell’s product content on GlassBuild Connect, additional new products are being promoted on Caldwell’s new product innovations website: 

“We’ve always used GlassBuild as a place to gather voice of the customer before we launch a final product, and this website allows us to still gather this information, from any distance,” says Jay Sofianek, VP of engineering.  

The website features product videos, sell sheets and technical information on both residential and commercial window and door hardware, with a special focus on Caldwell's Omni Drive System’s new handle offerings, bi-fold hinge expansions, and fenestration automation products: Enginuity for patio doors and hung or sliding windows, Omni-Mation for projection or casement commercial windows, and Dreamview for multi-sliding doors or windows.

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