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GED Launches Four New Products

GED Integrated Solutions launched three new products at the end of 2020 and announced an additional launch to start the New Year.

The company introduced its all-new glass cutting and edge deletion table, The CleanCut 1700 Series, which combines patented technologies in hardware and software. The machine features enhanced speed, updated technical features, and increased throughput while maintaining the options manufacturers want when selecting a glass production system, according to GED.

GED also expanded its twin-head vinyl cleaning system line, RoboClean, now offered in a sash version. The RoboClean RC2000-S is the dedicated sash version of its Twin-Head Vinyl Corner Cleaning System, first introduced in 2014.

The company’s Colonial Muntin Machine also got an update. The reinvented CMM 2.0 adds cutting edge technologies in hardware and software to an already tested muntin processing system. GED reports it created the new CMM 2.0 to deliver improved muntin production throughput, unmatched operations flexibility, and a lower total operations and maintenance cost.

Finally, just four days into 2021, GED released details on its new generation servo speed welder. TruWeld builds on GED’s current welder family by adding several features including: servo-driven setting and heating plates; robust base, rigid beams, and weld heads; and configurability. TruWeld is available in both frame and sash versions, and with or without RoboFlow PT integration.

See additional information about and images of these products in upcoming issues of Window + Door or online in our product gallery.