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Gerkin Windows and Doors Named Nebraska Business of the Year, Announces Expansion

Gerkin team

Gerkin Windows and Doors was formally recognized as the "Nebraska Business of the Year" by the Nebraska Diplomats LLC at the Nebraska Ag and Economic Conference held in Kearney, Nebraska, on August 8, 2023.

About the award

The award was presented to Gerkin Windows and Doors by Nebraska Governor Jim Pillen and honors the company for its contribution to the economic base and economic stability of its community and the state of Nebraska. 

Upcoming expansion

Parallel to this recognition, Gerkin Windows and Doors also announced a $14 million investment to expand its South Sioux City campus. 

This strategic move, slated for initiation later this year, is a testament to the company's commitment to growth, marking 32 consecutive years of company expansion and development. 

The company, spanning 90 years, currently operates within a 268,000-square-foot facility and employs a 280-person workforce. It foresees this expansion adding an additional 100,000 square feet to its operational space.