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HALIO Smart Glass Aims to Address Climate Change

HALIO introduced a technologically advanced electrochromic glass technology and is aiming to be a driving force in sustainable, net-zero construction through smart glass.

About the glass

HALIO has partnered with Viracon, a glass fabricator, to produce Viracon PLUS Smart Glass powered by HALIO and with lead investor SK and HALIO's lead investor with a stated mission of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) by one percent by 2030.

Studies show that buildings are the greatest GHG contributor. Using smart glass on building facades prevents solar heat gain and optimizes daylight utilization with an increased window-to-wall ratio. This reduces a facility's carbon footprint by limiting the energy used for HVAC and lighting.

More information 

The company is demonstrating full-size, commercially framed Viracon PLUS smart glass at SK's sustainability-focused exhibit at CES 2023 (booth #16955, Central Hall, LVCC) in Las Vegas.

The Investment Tax Credit, as part of the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, puts smart glass on cost parity, and in some cases even cheaper, than Low-E glass.