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Magid Launches Sustainable Work Glove


Magid is switching away from the traditional process of manufacturing micro-foam nitrile coated gloves.

Environmentally friendly work glove

According to the company, one 40-foot container of traditional micro-foam nitrile coating uses an entire year’s worth of drinking water for 688 people. The new GP102 general purpose work glove's foam nitrile palm coating uses no drinking water. Magid is putting this new coating onto a glove shell that's made with 90% recycled GRS-certified yarn and packaged in 100% recycled, earth-friendly material.

Honored by Environmental Protection’s 2023 New Product of the Year, this new foam coating is softer and more flexible than standard nitrile, while maintaining the oil and water resistance of traditional foam nitrile.

What Magid says

"We work every day to find ways to achieve our sustainability goals,” says Gary Cohen, senior director global product strategy and quality, Magid. “We’re on a journey to continuously review our practices and products to make them greener, review the life cycle of every new product to make improvements throughout the supply chain, and to choose like-minded suppliers for our distribution business.”