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Marvin Opens Third Facility in West Fargo

Warroad, Minnesota-based Marvin opened its third facility in West Fargo, North Dakota, according to reporting from KVRR Local News. The facility, which will be the first distribution facility in West Fargo, will bring 100 new jobs and starting wages will be $20 per hour.

“I’ve worked for Marvins for over 30 years and watched the generations continue to carry the legacy of taking care of their employees and investing in the community where they do business,” says Darrin Peterson, Marvin president.

“We are growing like crazy right now and this is going to give us a whole lot more space to grow. This facility is about 150,000 square feet,” Marvin Senior Director of Operations Chris Barta says.

“Operations are starting right now, so we’re adding positions to this facility as we speak. This facility is going to be primarily loading dock folks, but, again, it’s going to create space for manufacturing work as well, assembly, as well as supporting whether it be forklift drivers, or engineers, or purchasing folks,” Barta says.

Marvin will open another new manufacturing facility next month in Fargo as part of its continuous growth.