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NanaWall Focuses on Post-COVID Design at IBSx

NanaWall Systems says its programming at the International Builders' Show, held virtually on Feb. 9-12, 2021, will concentrate on products that meet the increased demand for renovation in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Like a lot of manufacturers, we went into the lockdowns anticipating demand to plummet in the face of such an unprecedented situation," says Matt Thomas, marketing director of NanaWall. "Instead, after the initial uncertainty, we have been amazed by the increased interest in our products – like our folding glass walls and Kitchen Transition lines - that help homeowners transform their spaces. Across the board there has been more demand for greater fresh air, ventilation and breezes, and NanaWall provides the perfect product to meet that need. Our opening glass wall systems are highly engineered to maximize ease of operation; with owners wanting to ventilate their home more often our systems are so easy to open and close that it can be done one-handed."

Some of the remodeling-friendly products featured in NanaWall's Virtual IBSx booth include:

  • NW Aluminum 840: A relaunch of the SL84 system, the NW840 is a slim, thermally efficient line of folding glass walls. 
  • Kitchen Transition: A dual-height window/door combination that allows two portions of the kitchen to open and operate independently. 
  • CERO: A minimal framed large panel sliding glass wall system
  • Copper Handle Options: In response to COVID-19 concerns, NanaWall is offering copper handles as an additional option, which provide antiviral properties.

In addition to the products above, NanaWall's IBSx booth will present specially produced video segments and case studies that concentrate on post-COVID design solutions for homeowners, architects, and developers. 

"We believe that 2021 will see an explosion of interest in renovation and remodeling from homeowners across the country," says Thomas. 

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