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NFRC’s FenStar Program Awarded ANSI Certification

The National Fenestration Rating Council's FenStar Certification Program, which ensures windows, doors and skylights meet Energy Star specifications, received the American National Standards Institute Accreditation.

ANSI’s National Accreditation Board awarded the accreditation to NFRC after a review process confirmed its FenStar program meets the ISO/IEC 17065 standard used for certification bodies around the world. NFRC is a certification organization that rates the energy efficiency of windows, doors and skylights.

“This accreditation validates the time and effort at NFRC to ensure our processes meet all of the Energy Star specifications," says Deb Callahan, CEO of NFRC. "It also indicates that our ratings are objective, impartial and strictly follow our written policies and procedures. Our members that are Energy Star Partners now have an accredited certification program backing up their Energy Star label and certification. This benefits not only manufacturers, but also consumers who now will know, without a doubt, that the fenestration product they are buying has been rigorously tested and verified.”