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By the Numbers: Women in Manufacturing


Across manufacturing

Women account for 29.5 percent of manufacturing industry workers, according to 2020 BLS data.

22.9% and 16.4%

In glass and metals

Women account for only 22.9 percent of the glass and glass products manufacturing workforce, and 16.4 percent of the fabricated metals manufacturing segment, according to BLS.

51.7% v. 26.7%

Office versus production

Women hold just over half of manufacturing sales and office positions, at 51.7 percent, but account for only 26.7 percent of roles in production, transportation and material moving, according to the Census report. 


In management

About 28 percent of positions in manufacturing management, business, science and arts are held by women, according to the Census report.  


In construction and maintenance

Women are most underrepresented in the natural resources, construction and maintenance segment, where they hold only 5.5 percent of positions.

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