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Pella Releases Free "Building for Success" E-Book

Pella Corp. released a new, free e-book, “Building For Success: A plan for continued growth in building and remodeling.” Featuring insights and recommendations from more than a dozen industry experts, the e-book provides actionable ways for builders and contractors to fine-tune their business through better processes, hiring practices, changing trends, technology and more, according to officials.
“Pros have had to quickly shift their business practices to adapt, but with change comes the opportunity to become smarter, more efficient and more forward-thinking in how they do business. That’s what this book is about,” says Tricia Uitermarkt, trade marketing manager at Pella.
The company conducted in-depth interviews with builders and contractors to hear their challenges and partnered with industry consultants to author the seven-chapter, 100-plus page e-book.
"Pella's free e-book is a textbook for every construction business owner who wants to create the systems to grow their businesses. From training and building your team, to enhancing your customer experience, strategies on scheduling and marketing, to dealing with your's all in there," says Shawn Van Dyke, construction business consultant.
The company recently hosted a six-part webinar series titled "Pella Pro Talk" designed to give professionals insights and information to stay ahead of the competition. Episodes featured new product information, how social media can improve business, thriving after COVID-19 and other topics affecting the industry today. Additionally, the Pella Certified Contractor Program provides guidance to help contractors grow their business, strengthen their reputation and drive more sales.

Download the free e-book