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Piqeur to be appointed managing director of Deventer

Mike Piqeur RotoMike Piqeur will take on the role of managing director at Deventer on July 1, reports Roto Frank Fenster and Türtechnologie GmbH. The current managing director, Lüder Pflügner, is retiring after 13 years in this position. 

At the end of 2000, Piquer began his current role as managing director of the Western Europe business area, including the countries and regions of the United Kingdom, Ireland, Scandinavia and the Benelux Union. As managing director, he will report directly to Marcus Sander. “Alongside extensive market, industry, company and product experience, Mike Piqeur will also bring proven customer expertise to the table," says Sander. "He is highly qualified for this special role as he knows Roto inside out and has supported the company from an early stage.”  

As a member of the FTT division, the Deventer Group has further production sites in the Netherlands, Poland and Russia alongside the headquarters in Germany. The supplier of gaskets made from thermoplastic elastomers, specific PVC formulations and silicone rubber currently employs around 200 members of staff.