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Registration Now Open for 2021 FGIA Leadership Development Program

Oak Moser
Oak Moser

Registration for the third installment of the Leadership Development Program from the Fenestration and Glazing Industry Alliance is now open, with the first session taking place in January. Oak Moser, a leadership coach with Coaching 2 Connect , facilitates this professional education offering, which is a legacy program of the Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance that will continue to be offered by FGIA.

“The Leadership Development Program focuses on the soft skills a leader needs to achieve his or her full potential,” says Moser. “Everyone in the workforce develops hard skills required to be employed in the fenestration and glazing industry, but developing soft skills provides the necessary intangibles to become a great leader.”

Soft skills, as covered in the Leadership Development Program, include communicating effectively with people, recognizing a company's culture and effectively aligning with that culture, understanding accountability in the workplace and more.

“This professional development was originally offered by IGMA. FGIA, as part of the unification of AAMA and IGMA, is thrilled to continue the program and to serve the industry by offering this valuable leadership training,” says Kaydeen Laird, FGIA education manager. “Those who have completed the first and second installments of the Leadership Development Program felt they learned how to be a better employee, coworker and leader.”

“Oak is very knowledgeable and passionate about this program. His previous work experience in the fenestration industry allows him to provide industry-related examples that resonate with day-to-day activities,” says Adina Dobre, compliance and continuous improvement engineer with Intigral, and a program participant in series one and two.

The program offers one online module monthly for 12 months via Zoom. The first session will be held in January, with each webinar scheduled on the second Wednesday of each month.

Foundational Topics

JANUARY | Leadership Spectrum
FEBRUARY | Strength Finder
MARCH | Communicating with all Personality Types
APRIL | How to Set Expectations with People/How to Build Teams that Perform

Core Content

MAY | How to Keep People Engaged
JUNE | Getting More Productivity Out of People
JULY | Having Difficult Accountability Discussions with People
AUGUST | Selling Your Ideas
SEPTEMBER | Setting Priorities
OCTOBER | Gaining General "Buy-In"/How to Generate Team Buy-In
NOVEMBER | Establishing a Performance-based Culture
DECEMBER | "What Now" Wrap-Up Session

“Whether you lead a business team, government team, sport team or want to deepen personal relationships, your ability to understand and connect with people will ultimately decide how successful you become,” says Moser. “Leadership is influence.”