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Simonton Reflections 5500 with SafePoint Glass Meets Missile C Impact-Resistant Certification

Simonton 5500 Window & Doors with Missile C Certification are Designed for Homes in Inland Coastal AreasCornerstone Building Brands announces the Missile C impact-resistant certification for the Simonton Reflections 5500 line. 

Reflections 5500 windows and patio doors with SafePoint impact-resistant laminated glass deliver Missile C level certification for homes in inland coastal areas where Missile D certification is not required and wind speed is less than 140 mph. The collection is engineered to provide impact protection against all elements.
“Missile C certification reflects our commitment to meeting the needs of coastal builders and homeowners by using laminated glass, structural reinforcements, hardware upgrades and rigorous testing to combine beautiful aesthetics with durability that provides 24/7 protection from the elements,” says Steve Hoffins, vice president of marketing, US Windows for Cornerstone Building Brands. “During a hurricane, flying objects can damage the exterior pane of glass, but our SafePoint laminated glass technology keeps debris and water outside to protect the home.”
SafePoint glass is created from an interlayer that is sealed between two layers of glass, which helps withstand strong storms. To pass Missile C certification, glass must resist breaking when hit by a four-pound, four-foot-long, two-by-four piece of lumber shot at 40 feet per second or 27 mph. 
Simonton Reflections delivers:

  • Storm protection: Protects against high winds and flying debris without the use of storm shutters or plywood
  • Sound reduction: Reduces exterior noise by up to 50 percent compared to standard glass
  • Solar shield: Blocks up to 99 percent of ultraviolet rays 
  • Safety and security: Provides a barrier against forced entry 
  • Insurance savings: Missile C certified windows can save money by lowering insurance premiums