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Upcoming NFRC Webinar Helps Industry Professionals Educate the Public

The National Fenestration Rating Council is hosting a live webinar Thursday, April 29, 11 a.m. ET.  The complimentary event, "The NFRC Toolbox: An Introduction to Our Energy Performance Ratings," presented by Tom Herron, NFRC’s Senior Director of Business Development and Special Projects, will share information and resources industry professionals can use to make the organization’s energy-performance ratings more relatable to the public. 

Slated for one-hour, this non-technical, introductory webinar provides an overview of who NFRC is, what the organization does and why its work is important without delving into calculation or testing methodologies. It is intended for green building and design-build professionals looking for a straightforward approach to educate the lay audience about the benefits of fenestration product energy-performance ratings.  
“If you’re someone who needs to explain the importance of these ratings to others, this webinar is for you,” says Deb Callahan, NFRC’s CEO. “Our goal is to help you create more value for your clients, customers and colleagues.”  

NFRC welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with the fenestration industry and green building professionals to help the public learn how to identify and compare the windows, doors and skylights that can help them save energy and improve occupant comfort. 

Accordingly, the webinar touches briefly on the organization’s beginnings, its contribution to the environment, and how to interpret its energy-performance rating label. It also points out the positive effects of daylighting on health and human behavior and concludes by looking at what kind of energy savings are possible when fenestration products figure prominently in the integrative-design process.   
For questions about the webinar, please contact Tom Herron at 240/821-9505 or

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