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Vancouver-based Startup Partners with Cardinal Glass to Bring Smart Window Tech to Residential Market

Click Materials announced a development partnership with Cardinal Glass Industries aimed at bringing Click’s smart window solution to the homes of millions across North America. Click developed a patented technology that it reports significantly reduces production costs of electrochromic glass by 60 percent, making smart windows more accessible for homeowners.

“Click Material’s proprietary deposition method enables uniform, optically-pure coatings that can be sprayed at ambient conditions and has the potential to disrupt the electrochromic window industry in the residential market and beyond,” says Keith Burrows, technology scouting and IP manager at Cardinal Glass. “We are pleased to partner with the Click team to further their technology and accelerate their solution to market.”

The electrochromic window technology will enable users to adjust the tint of a window between clear and dark states through an app, smart device or voice control, allowing for greater control over incoming solar heat and light levels, according to Click.